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The Postman's Corner features great wavs a couple of times a week. Usually, they alternate, one selection being country music..and in the next issue..the selection will feature oldies rock and roll from the 50s, 60,s and 70s. A lot of people ask me, "Martin, why is that the only music you offer?" Quite simple actually, it is the two styles of music that interest me lol. So, if you prefer a different musical style, well, sorry, you are out of luck.:)

Usually after every issue I send out, I never fail to get comments like, "Martin, the wav doesn't work." Because the wavs we feature are in a compressed format, similar to zip files, but compression for wavs instead. Understand? Ok, let's put it another way, Let's say you download the wav(s) and when you are through, the file reads 00.00. Or, maybe you cannot hear it play when you click on it. That is not because the file is no good. It is because you need to install a wav player on your system to hear it. In compressed format, a wav that would normally require a 15 - 20 minute download now only takes 2 - 3 minutes.

The compressed wavs need a special utility to open them, just like a zip file does. You need to download a file called winamp. Once you have done the winamp player up, and click on the exe file you will find there. It is self installing and takes only a second or two to do so.

Now...once you have successfully completed the download and installation of your wav player, you should be able to click on any wav from windows explorer and it will play automatically. Slick huh? If you have a list of wavs you want to play, you can simply drop and drag the wavs of your choice from explorer to the wavplayer list and load several at once. Just like the old style record player and 45s:) Not that anyone remembers that, right? Additionally, the winamp player can be used for cds as well as wavs. Happy waving..and I do hope you enjoy our musical selections.

Martin aka THE POSTMAN