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Welcome To Access-Able Travel Source

GORP - Outdoor Resources For People With Disabilites

Disability Links

Access Unlimited

Accessible Traveler's Database

Yahoo! Special Needs

Yahoo! Disabilities/Travel

Yahoo! Disabilities/Recreation and Sports/Outdoors

Yahoo! Disabilities/Camp

New Horizons

Emerging Horizons - The Accessible Travel Newsletter

U.S. Access Board: Accessibility for People With Disabilities

Travel Tips for Hearing Impaired People


Traveliní Talk
P.O.Box 3534
Clarksville, TN 37043-3534
phone 931/552-6670
fax 931/552-1182
A worldwide network of disabled people who help, and even take in, other disabled travelers.

The Very Special Traveler
c/o Beverly Nelson
P. O. Box 756
New Windsor, MD 21776

SATH's Access to Travel
P.O. Box 352
Hawley Lane
New Baltimore, New York 12124
Phone 518/731-9701
Fax 518/731-6312


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