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Hello! From The Postman!

A greeting to you from God's Country, Grand Rapids, MI ! I am a father of three active teenagers, been married to a lovely lady named Chris for 20 yrs. So I naturally keep very busy. I recently got downsized at work, so I can usually be found behind the computer at home being a lazy bum (course this is true whether I'm downsized or not....LOL). So between family stuff and doing the daily issues of The Corner, that about sums up my active life. Should I say Life in the fast lane? lol.

I started out as a jokester almost 2 years ago. I began forwarding cute jokes and funnies to my friends, and before I knew it I was swamping everyone's mailbox with daily email postings, Hence, I got the nickname, "The Postman" Then one day a friend said, "Martin, why don't you cut and paste about a half dozen of the best daily jokes into one daily mailing? PLEASE! LOL" and hence The Postman's Corner was born.

I do hope you and yours enjoy the daily mailings of my newsletter. In case you wanted to know what I looked like I had Nancy post my mugshot here for ya. And please, no darts ok? lol
Martin AKA The Postman.


Martin, Cammi, Nick
Chris, Rachael




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