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Just when you think summer is going to last forever, along comes the beginning of school (ugh!!).

As every kid knows (and a lot of parents secretly dread *giggle*), along with the start of school comes the start of that daily grind called "HOMEWORK".

I couldn't make the homework more palatable (ask your mom or dad), but I thought I might make it a little less strenuous by putting some places on here where you can go for answers or help. These are categorized according to age groups and they go from Toddler to College and beyond. So, check it out. Maybe there's something here just for you.



Polly Klaas Foundation Child Safety Kit.......If the world were a safer place for kids, this wouldn't be necessary. I got one of these for my toddlers and it's wonderful. A must have for all parents

CTW Online - The Official Home of Sesame Street

Download Educational Software........This is a wonderful site for Preschool Shareware

Build-A-Monster......Teaches children how to use the mouse while they create outlandish monsters

Children's Reading Room..........Stories to print out and read

Larry Geotz's Home Page.........Full and limited learning shareware


StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers

USGS: Ask-A-Geologist........Post your question about volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, maps, or rivers, and a qualified geologist will answer it.

Ask an Energy Expert.......Use the form to enter a question on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Includes an option to use the site's bulletin board.

Ask an Earth-Scientist.......Stumped by a problem on the natural workings of the world? Write to an expert at the Univ. of Hawaii's geology dept and wonder no more.

Homework Help........Minneapolis Star Tribune hosts this excellent homework help site. Click on a subject, ask a question, and get a response from teacher volunteers.

Cornell Theory Center.......Resources for K-12 students and educators in the areas of languages, the fine arts, social studies, and history.

Mr. Byars' Social Studies Site........This teacher's page offers social studies lessons, geography and American history links, and related teaching tools.

NM's Creative Impulse.........History of the world and western civilization as seen through the eyes of the artists, dramatists, writers and musicians through the ages

Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education, History, Science.......Links to a range of educational resources. With traditional stories, and cultural information for teachers and students.

Social Studies Resources HomePage........Links to resources in a range of areas including civic ideals, history, continuity, and change. With online programs.

The U.S. Constitution: The Delegates.......Biographies of all the delegates who attended the first session of the Constitutional Convention - including the 39 who signed the Constitution.

IPL POTUS - Presidents of the United States......... In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, presidency highlights, and some odd facts on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site. collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school research papers. Shows students how to make the most of the Net.

Ms. Smith's English Page..........Concise collection of links to authors, writing resources, novel notes, biographies, fun with words, and other literary interests.

A. Word. A. Day Home Page..........Subscribe to the mailing list which emails you every day a new vocabulary word and its definition.

Common Errors in English...........A brief but handy guide to common errors such as confusing similar words, misspelling, and redundancy. Compiled by an English professor.

Spelling Test............. Fifty commonly misspelled words. You can take the test and see how you did right away.

Guide to Grammar and Writing..............Helpful hints on run-on sentences, comma usage, capitalization, abbreviation, use of numbers, and other basic grammar concepts.