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I have several people I would like to thank for helping me put this site together.

First, and most importantly, is my husband, Jack. He puts up with a lot when I'm doing one of these pages and with this one, he had to put up with more than usual. So, THANK YOU, JACK!! I Love You.

Next, I would like to thank Patsy Hedden (Pat's Web Graphics). Not only does she have some of the most wonderful graphics on her site, but whenever I was stumped for graphics on a page all I had to do was ask her and she would dazzle me with something gorgeous. A very generous lady with her talents and genuinely nice.

I would be truly remiss if I didn't add my 2 critiquing buddies, Marilyn and Jon in here. Whenever I sent them something to look at, they always came through for me with praise or solutions. Thanks guys, this site wouldn't look as good without you!!

There are many talented graphics artists on the web. Here are the ones who helped me to dress up my website. Please take a minute and check out their sites. You'll be glad you did!!

Wizzle's Web World

Chanukah Clip Art

Celeste's Holiday Graphic Collection

Bimsan - Web Graphics